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SINGING! I never wanted anything else. Even when I was young, it was a great need. I studied at Carnegie Melon University in Pennsylvania, came to Graz with AIMS, continued my education at the Hanover College of Music and began my career in and Austria and then Germany
After singing while sick and because of a false allergy diagnosisI started haveing vocal problems and it was at this point that I met Neil Semer.  He was the best vocal technician that I hat ever met and he was clear about hte connection between emotion and singing.  He was able to clear up so many problems simply because of his very clear explanation of how the vocal apparatus worked and making me realise that it was an experience and not an intellectual esecise.   I've always had a great passion for the stage, but when I think back, I began to realize I did not have the any real mechanics or understanding of how the body works to sing.   So for me it was a great realization that there is an EXPERIENCE behind every "word" that I understood intellectually.
Having overcome difficulties myself makes me a better teacher. I understand what it means to sing with abandon. And I also know what sudden failure means and how we can find answers and solutions.

I consider it my mission to convey this knowledge and experience. To avoid unnecessary difficulties or, if they already exist, heal them.
Posture, breathing, support, articulation - and how everything is connected. I know from my own experience how these elements all fit together and can show you as well.  However, it is not enough to understand these things, intellectually. They can only be harnessed with imagination and emotion. To bring everything together in harmony will be our common task.

Breathing. Move air to sing. Needing to express something of yourself.  Being connected with a deep emotional center. That's my credo. It's not witchcraft, nor is it quantum physics or brain surgery!!!   Let me show you!
A lesson is 60 minutes, but shorter lessons can be organised.
I live in Berlin and have my studio here. I also teach regularly in Münster, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Kälberau, Aarhus, Denmark, Vienna and Iceland.



"Roberta Cunningham is an amazing voice teacher - a warm, caring and compassionate teacher with a no-nonsense style of teaching which is clear and direct. I leave my lessons feeling more energized and singing better. Singing is easy when I work with her."

- Susanna Raymer Lauer, Soprano

"Roberta is one of those uniquely-gifted and passionate individuals who can communicate with anyone and gives all of herself to her lessons with her students. Her joy for singing is truly contagious and empowering. These elements, coupled with her exhaustive knowledge of the vocal mechanism and breath system, make her the kind of teacher that we all search for." 

- Julia Kermott, Sporano

If you have a talent, use it in every which way possible. Don't hoard it. Don't dole it out like a miser. Spend it lavishly like a millionaire intent on going broke.
            - Brendan Francis

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