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Choir Workshop Coesfeld 2020

Summer, Sun, Singing & You!


Week 1

Arrival 28th June
29th June – 04th July

Week 2

Arrival 3rd July
06th – 11th July



Kolping-Bildungsstatte Coesfeld

The focus of this workshop is vocal training for/and choral singing. In a relaxed, fun atmosphere you will learn, rehearse, experiment and be challenged to try new things and perform a concert at the end of the week.

What to expect
After breakfast,  each day will start (9:00) with an all encompassing warm-up for everyone.  This will include a clear step by step process of the mechanics of singing…. body work, breathing, support, articulation, etc.  All aspects of a solid „experiential“ system for healthy singing led by Roberta Cunningham.   

(This warm-up hour is also being offered separately for choir conductors and voice teachers who are interested in learning a more detailed basis for healthy singing.)

At 10:00 choir rehearsals will begin. Jon Hodge (conductor) will be leading the rehearsals helped by Jamison Livsey, (pianist and coach)  who will also be working with the choir in sections as needed

The choir will have rehearsals in the period between 10:00 and 18:00 with a break for lunch at 12:30.  

Every participant will also receive one hour of private voice instruction (2, 1/2 hour sessions) which will be scheduled and take place during the choir rehearsals.

We will be working on and performing classical works and Jazz and Gospel pieces.  A mixed program which should have something for everyone and will be challenging but accessible.  Participants will receive the links for downloading the music that we will be performing and are expected to have the music learned on arrival. (Not memorized, just enough so that we can work efficiently).

The working languages will be English and German.



Roberta Cunningham 

Singer (Opera, Musical), Voice Teacher
Jon Hodge

Choral and Jazz Band Conductor, Music Educator

Jamison Livsey

Coach and Pianist

Gesangsstudio Roberta Cunningham
Wilhelmshavenerstr 70, 10551 Berlin
mobile +49 160 970 42 699

bertajo@icloud .com


Registration Deadline: June 15th 2020

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